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Curriculum Development: An Innovative Master in History and Archaeology – CUDIMHA

CUDIMHA intends to address Tunisian’s needs of modernisation and internationalisation of Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) by developing an innovative 2-year Master in History and Archaeology providing labour market-oriented skills for the target audience. In particular, CUDIMHA aims at fostering innovative teaching, learning approaches and methodologies through the delivery of blended teaching units combining in presence and on-line courses, tutored projects on the field, traineeships, experience abroad keeping the focus on new contents and ICT tools use.

Research & Action and Training in Medical Interpreting - ReACTMe
Medical interpreting as a profession varies greatly within the EU, and the relevant needs are constantly changing, as migration patterns into EU member states are affected by social, economic and political events. All EU countries are therefore coping with rapidly changing environments and need to develop interpreting services meeting the current citizens’ needs. To attain said purpose, focussing on training is essential.
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