History and values

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The Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma - UNINT, run by the FORMIT Foundation, is a non-State higher-education institution established in Rome in 1996.

The first Faculty to be officially approved was the Faculty of Political Science, followed by the Faculties of Interpreting and Translation and of Economics. From the very beginning, the project of UNINT’s founders included certain specific traits which found their place in the following educational plan: a faculty with Italian and foreign leading figures from the cultural, professional and academic worlds, allowing to convey a wide range of knowledge on the various professional fields and with a completely up-to-date international perspective.

The name - “Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma” (University of International Studies of Rome) - bears witness to the global vocation of its programs. All courses at UNINT focus on languages, with many opportunities for student to travel and a large number of cooperation relations with universities abroad.


Our international vocation

UNINT University fosters a process of cultural advancement and integration by promoting an international and dynamic dimension of study, knowing that university education and research are crucial resources for this country.



Dialogue with the professional world

The statistics show a high employment rate for UNINT graduates. UNINT University and its Placement and Internship office guarantee a solid connection between highly vocational programs and the professional world with more than 700 agreements for internships and traineeships with leading enterprises and public organizations; the University also partakes in Italia Lavoro’s FIxO project, which promotes apprenticeship contracts in higher education and research.


A University tailored to students’ needs

UNINT follows its student community closely, accompanying their cultural and professional growth even after graduation. The University has efficient facilities and guarantees direct and continuous relations with the academic staff, along with a personalized Counseling service for education and work.

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